Why a Management Week?

The four-day event organized by FNEGE in collaboration with the Scientific Management Associations, brought together the entire management community and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Foundation, created in May 1968.

Academic and business-related symposia, conferences and the FNEGE Gala Dinner had been held throughout FNEGE Day on Thursday, May 24. The Week had hosted other events (Pépite France symposium, IAE France or CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) meetings and Deans dinner), the FNEGE Awards Ceremony and the 18 Management Symposia of Scientific Associations. 

> Pictures of the 2018 Management Week

> Pictures of the Gala Dinner for the FNEGE 50th anniversary


Minister of Labor and Employment

Dominique Carlac'h

CEO - D&Consultants

Mercedes ERRA

Executive President - HAVAS Worldwide


President - Comité National Olympique

Patrick HETZEL

Deputy for Bas-Rhin & President - EM Strasbourg

Pierre-Michel MENGER

Professor - Collège de France

Bénédicte MERCIER

Co-chairwoman - Sodebo


Assistant general manager, HR manager - Saint-Gobain

Arantxa Balson

Chief HR Officer - Accor


Vice President for Innovation - SAMSUNG Electronics


Deputy Director in charge of Education and Research - CCI Paris Ile-de-France

Antoine FREROT

CEO - Veolia


Monday, May 21 2018

SM01: ATLAS-AFMI Symposium

"Continuity and Ruptures in International Management"

Tuesday, May 22 2018

SM01: ATLAS-AFMI Symposium

"Continuity and Ruptures in International Management"

SM02: AIRL-SCM Symposium

"Changing Supply Chains for a Digital World ?"

SM03: ADERSE Symposium

"CSR and governance"

SM04: AGeCSO Symposium

"Knowledge Creation in Innovative Organizations and their Networks"

SM: GEM&L Symposium

"Language Impact in Creation and Sharing Knowledge"

> Program

SM06: IP&M Symposium

"Behaviour Uncertainty within Organizations"

SM07: AHMO Symposium

"Time in Organizations"

ATLAS-AFMI Gala dinner

At ESCP Europe

Mercredi 23 mai 2018

SM01: ATLAS-AFMI Symposium

"Continuity and Ruptures in International Management"

SM08: AFM / AGRH / AFC / AIM / AIMS Symposium

"Relationships with Customers, Staff and Stakeholders"

CGE Chapitre Management Meeting

Reserved for Directors

IAE France General Assembly

Reserved for Directors 

SM10: Pépite France Event
SM02: AIRL-SCM Symposium

"Changing Supply Chains for a Digital World?"

SM09: AGeCSO, GEM&L and AGRH Workshop

"Storytelling in Organizations: Can Stories be Managed?"

SM07: AHMO Symposium

"Time in Organizations"

SM06: IP&M Symposium

"Behaviour Uncertainty within Organizations"

SM05: GEM&L Symposium

"Language Impact in Creation and Sharing Knowledge"

> Program

SM04: AGeCSO Symposium

"Knowledge Creation in Innovative Organizations and their Networks"

SM03: ADERSE Symposium

"CSR and governance"

04:00 PM
Opening partners village

Salon Honnorat & Salon Wilson

05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
FNEGE-EFMD-Consult'in France Awards Ceremony

Prizes for best books, theses and articles in management

Patron of the ceremony : Hervé HELIAS
CEO and Chairman Mazars France

05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Students-entrepreneurs' Association launch: Pépite Factory

Open to the Public

08:00 PM

Open to the Public

08:30 PM
FNEGE Deans Dinner

Reserved for Deans

Thursday, May 24 2018


Foundation 50th Anniversary

08:30 AM
Welcoming participants
09:00 AM
Opening ceremony by Carine CAMBY, Chairwoman of CIUP, and Michel BON, FNEGE President

- Adenauer auditorium -

09:30 AM
Conference by Muriel PENICAUD, Minister of Labor

- Adenauer auditorium -

10:30 AM
Conference and debate 1 presented by Alice GUILHON, SKEMA Business School

- Adenauer auditorium -

"Management Higher Education: Culture of Agility for which Future?"
& FNEGE Book Presentation by video by Bernard PRAS, Professor, Université Paris Dauphine, ESSEC and FNEGE Book 50th Anniversary Coordinator

Advancement of French higher education in Business Management is the key to FNEGE’s fifty year success.  The diversity of its activities and its ability to meet the companies' and students' requirements is sign of agility, which is increasingly crucial in today’s society. This roundtable brings together key experts in higher education, who will share their views on Higher Management Education strengthened by half a century of expertise.

• Dominique CARLAC’H, D&Consultants / MEDEF
• Bertrand COLLOMB, Institut des Hautes Études pour la Sciences et la Technologie
• Antoine FREROT, VEOLIA / Institut de l’entreprise / ANVIE
• Pierre-Michel MENGER, Collège de France
• Yves PORTELLI, CCI Paris Ile de France

10:30 AM
Conference and debate 2 presented by Virginie DE BARNIER, IAE Aix-Marseille

- La Coupole auditorium -

"Impact of Business Schools in France: Results and Ambitions"
& Presentation of the 2018 Study on the Impact of Business Schools by video by Michel Kalika, Professor, IAE Lyon School of Management & FNEGE BSIS Program (Business School Impact System) Coordinator

Not only do business schools train a large number of students but they also have a huge impact on a local and national scale. The roundtable's goal is to compare Higher Education's and business professional's views and to envision a joint plan to maximize impact.

• Arantxa BALSON, AccorHotels
• Sylvie BRUNET, Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental / Kedge Business School
• Marc FILSER,Direction Générale de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de l’Insertion Professionnelle (DGESIP)
• Loïck ROCHE, Grenoble Ecole de Management / Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

12:30 PM
Lunch - Networking
03:00 PM
Conference and debate 3 presented by Eric LAMARQUE, IAE Paris

- Adenauer auditorium -

"Management Research geared towards French Competitiveness"
& Presentation of the FNEGE Barometer Results by video by Éric LAMARQUE, Professor and Director, IAE de Paris & FNEGE Barometer Coordinator and Jamila YAHIA MESSAOUD, Director of Development Consumer Insights at Médiamétrie

In light of the latest FNEGE Research-business Barometer focused on highly valued research themes by companies, several manager/teacher/researcher teams will allow participants to exchange concrete links between research and managerial practices.

Team Teacher / CEO according to barometer's themes

• Bénédicte MERCIER, Sodebo

• Bernard GAINNIER, PWC France et Afrique francophone
• Xavier LECOCQ, IAE de Lille / IESEG

• Claire PEDINI, Saint-Gobain
• Delphine MANCEAU, NEOMA Business School

03:00 PM
Conference and debate 4 presented by Frank BOURNOIS, ESCP Europe

- La Coupole auditorium -

"Cross-challenges of Management Education and Society"
& presentation of FNEGE-HEADway Study by video on the challenges of Management Education and Society.

An anniversary is an opportunity to think about the future of Higher Education Management and, on a larger scale, about our whole community. How can we maintain this culture of agility? Which perspectives can emerge from the latest FNEGE surveys? How can FNEGE contribute to promote management education’s societal impact?

• Mercedes ERRA, HAVAS Worldwide
• Patrick HETZEL, Bas-Rhin / EM Strasbourg
• Luc JULIA, Samsung Electronics
• Jérôme RIVE, IAE Lyon / IAE France
• Pierre TAPIE, Paxter

05:00 PM
Closing by Denis MASSEGLIA, President of the French Olympic Committee
07:30 PM
FNEGE Gala Dinner

- Fairgound Arts Museum -

Friday, May 25 2018

SM11: AIREPME-AEI Symposium

"Entrepreneurship and SMEs : Values and Principles"

SM12: AFMAT-ARIMHE Symposium

"Ethics and Tourism"

SM13: ARAMOS Symposium

"Impact of Management Research on Health Service Management"

SM14: SPSG Symposium

''Which Epistemological and Philosophical Values to write a good Article or a good Thesis''?

SM15: Conference

''New Challenges for Management Education''

SM16: IAS Symposium

''The Saga of Social Responsibility: Forty years of adventure between Responsibility and Digitalization''

SM17: RIODD Symposium

''Redesigning Finance? Why? How''?

09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
SM18: Ateliers de Thésée Symposium

''The Inner Life and Relationships of Research Professors in Management''


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